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About Me


My gifts of being a clairvoyant psychic started at a very young age. I came from a family on both sides of my family possessing this special gift being intuitive having visions at a young age. I began playing with Tarot Cards at the age of 12 years old determining my own meanings for the cards and what they really meant for me. As I saw that my visions and predictions were correct and dead on, I began to further develop my sixth sense rapidly, being able to do full Tarot Card readings by the age of 16 years old with an accuracy rate of almost 93% accurate. I already had a cliental base of different clients who came to me for readings back then and some of these clients still come to me to this day for my Tarot Card readings. Not a day goes by that I don’t constantly practice on keeping and developing my gift. My daughters have now inherited my gift as well and they are on the same path as me when I was their age.

I am a gift compassionate and accurate psychic life coach that speaks the truth about any situation in what I see. I do not candy coat anything, but I speak the truth to what is really going on and what needs to be communicated to you. I do NOT judge anyone by their situation either, but I have more compassion for you. I am here to help you resolve any problems you may have in your life and to better understand your issues empowering you to make better decisions with confidence. My accuracy rate has been known to be up to 98% accurate in my predictions. My mission to everyone who works with me is to help you spiritually find the answers and guidance you are searching for in your life.