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Himalayan Salt Lamp - $36.99 


For those who suffer from allergies, life can be a little difficult sometimes. When you're allergic to things that are commonly found in the air such as dust particles and pollen, your own home can contribute to making you feel unwell. With a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you can help to alleviate your allergy symptoms, thanks to the magic of Himalayan Salt. As the bulb heats up in the lamp, the salt crystal releases negative ions into the air. Negative ions are said to cause harmful particles to clump together and fall to the ground, leaving you with cleaner air that is easier to breathe. These lamps are also said to help you relax as you bask in the soft and gentle glow they provide. UL listed.  Plugs into any 110 Voltage Outlet.  Energy Efficient.

• Casts a gentle glow in the room

• Hand carved, so no two lamps are alike

• As the bulb warms up, the salt crystals help to cleanse the air

• Ideal for allergy sufferers